Niel double shaft paddle mixer

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Shanghai Niel machinery manufacturing co., ltd is located in Songjiang district, Shanghai, China. Niel machinery commit the mixers, conveyors, packaging machines, dust collectors, vacuum and screw feeders, weight checking &sorting machines, other equipment, and related products processing production and R & D design. The equipments are mainly applied in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. 

Niel machinery is adhering to the quality and service business philosophy, dedicate to the majority of customers to provide the highest quality products and services, Strive to provide customers with the best mixing, conveying and packaging solutions.

Hot-Sale Equipment Selected for You

Niel Machinery specializes in the production of mixers and packaging machinery and produces vacuum feeders, dust collectors, weight selection scales, conveyor systems, and other mechanical equipment, as well. Don't hesitate and browse the selected hot-selling equipment which you are most likely to be interested in now!
  • Ribbon Mixer Machine

    A ribbon mixer machine is a classic form of powder mixer machines, Niel Machinery optimized its form and inner space form, improved the mixing efficiency and easy to clean. Suitable for mixing powders and powders, powders and liquids, powders and solids, and viscous powders.

    Ribbon Mixer Machine
  • Single Shaft Paddle Mixer Machine

    The single paddle mixer is made of all stainless steel(SS304 OR SS316), which is easy to use and convenient for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc. It can be a complete powder production line combined with conveyor equipment, filling and packing machines.

    Single Shaft Paddle Mixer Machine
  • Double Shaft Paddle Mixer Machine

    Double shaft paddle mixer is also known as non-gravity paddle mixer machine, it is widely used for drying and mixing dry powder mortar, chemicals, pesticides, detergents, pigment foods, condiment milk powder, plastics, rubber additives and other powders, with faster mixing speed and high evenness.

    Double Shaft Paddle Mixer Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine

    This semi-automatic filling machine is filled in the form of metering. The user inputs the amount of material that needs to be injected every time in the control panel, and then the filling machine performs batch filling. The machine is easy to operate and the filling efficiency is high.

    Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

    This semi-automatic filling machine is filled in the form of automatic weighing. The user inputs the weight of the material to be injected every time in the control panel. When the material weight reaches the requirement, the machine will automatically stop filling. It is suitable for packaging high precision packaging requirements powder.

    Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine
  • Auger Filler Parts

    Auger filler machine is an important part of the filling machine and packaging machine. It is suitable for the metering and filling of powder materials. The machine is divided into combined and open type, you can choose according to your own needs, while Neil Machinery Special customized services can also be made according to the needs of customers.

    Auger Filler Parts
  • Vacuum Conveyor

    This Vacuum Conveyor is a new product developed on the basis of extensive absorption of international similar products. At present, it is the most advanced, ideal and perfect vacuum conveying equipment for powder, granular and powder materials.According to the needs of customers, we can make separate or integrated vacuum feeders.

    Vacuum Conveyor
  • Auger Conveyor

    Auger conveyor can be combined with powder mixer machine, filling machine and other equipment to form a simple filling production line or to transport materials for other large production lines. Users can choose whether to carry the hopper or not. Neil Machinery can customize different heights and lengths for customers.

    Auger Conveyor
  • Bucket Elevator

    The bucket elevator transports material from a low point through the hopper to a high place. The hopper picks up the material from the storage below, as the conveyor belt or chain is lifted to the top, bypassing the top wheel and then flipping down, the bucket elevator pours the material into the receiving tank.

    Bucket Elevator

Powder Handling System

Purchase our equipment without worries. Niel takes care of all of the rest!

Niel Machinery is always dedicating to providing you with a variety of mixer solutions and technical support. We offer solutions that help you with finding suitable powder fillers,  small bottle fillers or powder batching, storing and mixing. Without any doubt, we guarantee perfect shopping experience. Find out how much time and energy you can save with Niel's intelligent and practical solutions!

  • Powder Mixing And Bottle Filling System
    The mixing and filling production line is suitable for filling small containers. The equipment consists of a silo, a vacuum feeder, a ribbon mixer, a tanker, a sterilization conveyor line, and a four-head automatic filling machine. The production line is all The components are made of stainless steel, the user does not have to worry about the problem of hygiene and rust.
    Powder Mixing And Bottle Filling System
  • Powder Mixing Production Line
    This type of mixing production line solution is suitable for mixing large particles or powders, or powder with certain viscosity, which can be used for mixing seasonings, grain powders, chemicals, engineering materials, medical powders, etc., suitable for filling machines, packaging machines, conveying equipment, various testing equipment are combined into a production line that is more suitable for customers' needs.
    Powder Mixing Production Line
  • Powder Mixing And Bag Filling Packing Line
    This powder production line is relatively simple in design and is a typical small and medium-sized powder packaging production line. It is suitable for mixing and filling various powder materials and packaging such as coffee, milk powder, protein powder, grain powder, seasoning powder, powder, additive powder. , chemical powder, etc.
    Powder Mixing And Bag Filling Packing Line
  • Big Bag Packing System
    This filling and packing production line is independently designed and manufactured by Neil Machinery and is mainly used for sealing and conveying the packaging of materials. The packaging production line is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food-grade mechanical products.
    Big Bag Packing System
  • Powder Batching System & Equipment
    The powder batching production line is mainly used for material configuration and storage. It is suitable for the configuration and storage of various powder materials. It can be widely used in various fields such as various grain powders, seasoning powders, chemical powders, decoration materials powders, pigments. Powder, pharmaceutical powder, various feed configurations, etc.
    Powder Batching System & Equipment

Why We Are Different

  • Why We Are Different

    Quality Assurance

    All products have reached the international machinery manufacturing standards, and the quality is guaranteed
  • Why We Are Different

    Technical Support

    Provide overseas engineer service and installation guidance, free technical training for customers
  • Why We Are Different

    Customizable Solutions

    The team of technicians designs and provides the most suitable solution according to the needs of the customer for free
  • Why We Are Different

    Product Warranty

    All mechanical products enjoy a one-year return service and free spare parts

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