Big Bag Packing System

Big Bag Packing System

This filling and packing production line is independently designed and manufactured by Niel Machinery and is mainly used for sealing and conveying the packaging of materials.

The packaging production line is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food-grade mechanical products. Customers do not need to worry about safety and quality. The entire system can be controlled by the control panel, which is safe and convenient.

Product Description of Big Bag Packing System

This packaging line system is presented to you by Niel Machinery in cooperation with customers and practice. Niel Machinery has a professional design and engineering team to design the most suitable packaging line according to customer needs.

Working Principle of Big Bag Packing System

The material enters the inside of the powder filling packing machine through the powder screw conveyor, and the filling machine fills according to the predetermined amount of material. After the sealing of the heat sealing machine, the packaging bag enters the conveying line of the sewing machine for sewing, after being pushed, after flattening, The weight inspection scale is used for weight detection. Products that are not up to standard will be pushed down the production line, and the qualified products will pass through the conveyor belt to the next program.

Structural Characteristics of Big Bag Packing System

This filling and packing production line adopts a straight line design, which does not need to occupy too much space, and the equipment is closely connected, which shortens the production time. The equipment is all made of stainless steel and meets the food-grade industry requirements. This production line can add a mixer, screw feeder, vacuum feeder and other equipment to complete a more complete production process.

Application of Big Bag Packing System

  • l Food industry

  • l Chemical industry

  • l Medicinal industry

  • l Chicken/protein/coffee/milk powder (e.g. milk powder production line)

  • l Manufacturing plant

  • l Other industries


Main Equipment of Big Bag Packing System

screw conveyor→Filling machine→Heating sealing machine→

Belt conveyor→Stitching machine→Bag falling conveyor→

Bag leveling machine→Weight detection machine→

Metal detection machine→Eliminating conveyor→

Roller conveyor→Belt conveyor→Inkjet printer→Roller conveyor


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