Powder Batching System & Equipment

Powder Batching System & Equipment

The powder batching production line is mainly used for material configuration and storage. It is suitable for the configuration and storage of various powder materials. It can be widely used in various fields such as various grain powders, seasoning powders, chemical powders, decoration materials powders, pigments. Powder, pharmaceutical powder, various feed configurations, etc. The equipment that makes up the line is made of stainless steel and meets food-grade safety regulations.

Working Principle of Powder Batching Production Line

The details of the operation of the powder batching production line are as follows: There are four dumping platforms on the top of the powder batching production line, and there is a dust collector between every two platforms. The different materials pass through the screw conveyor and enter the weighing storage bin through the screw conveyor. In this process, the dust spilled on the ground will be absorbed by the powder dust collector, so the user does not need to worry about the hygiene problem. When a certain specific gravity is reached, the material of the storage bin enters the interior of the plow shear mixer for mixing, and the colter is mixed. The machine is suitable for mixing feed, various powder materials, and granular materials. After mixing, the materials enter the bottom storage bin to complete the whole process.

Structural Characteristics of Powder Batching Production Line 

The powder batching production line is just one of these production lines, and this is presented to you on the basis of practical experience. It has been delivered to the customer. The design and engineering team of Niel Machinery can design the most suitable for the customer free of charge. The warehousing system and production line, the professional team of engineers are always ready to serve customers. Niel Machinery strictly controls every production detail, so that customers have no worries. If you have any kind of products, please feel free to leave a message or consult us.

Application of Powder Batching Production Line  

l Food industry

l Chemical industry

l Medicinal industry

l Chicken/protein/coffee/milk powder (e.g. coffee powder production line)

l Manufacturing plant

l Other industries


Main Equipment of Powder Batching Production Line 

Working platform→Powder falling table→Dust collector→Storage bin→

auger conveyor→Weighing hopper→Plough shear mixer machine→Storage bin

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