Powder Handling System

The packing and filling production line is a general term for a system. We can customize those powder handling lines base on the detail provided by the customer and make a quick solution. The packaging production lines are generally composed of several different packaging machines, conveyor belts and powder handling equipments. The packaging process is carried out on the packaging production line, and when it is finished, it will be packed in box or other containers, then come to the market.

The packaging process of the packaging production line includes the main processes like bulk powder handling, filling, wrapping, and sealing. Furthermore, NIEL MACHINERY also deal with various types of powder handling system, we can provide customers fast solution design no matter small or large system,and we welcome our customer visit NIEL MACHINERY to share your opinions and advice, that will be our honor. NIEL MACHINERY will continue to provide customers with high-quality bulk material handling solutions with the goal of becoming a world-renowned manufacturer of powder handling systems and types of equipment.

Niel powder handling and processing Production Line

Powder Mixing And Bottle Filling System

Packing Type: bottle filling & packing

Equipment: Silo bin→ Vacuum conveyor→Ribbon mixer machine→Bottom silo→

Container carding machine→ Germicidal line→double head capping machine→

vacuum conveyor→Four head filling machine

Powder Mixing Production Line

Powder Features: large particles or powders

Packing Type: no packing system

Main equipment: Conveyor→Bag sterilizing machine→Belt conveyor→ Powder falling table→

Dust collector→Pulling type paddle mixer→ Working platform→Vibrating screen→

Weighing hopper→ Pulling type paddle mixer→Working platform→Storage bin

Powder Mixing And Bag Filling Packing Line

Powder Features: small and medium-sized powder

Packing Type: bag filling & packing

Main equipment: Auger conveyor→Double shaft(non-gravity)paddle mixer machine→

Auger conveyor→Storage bin→Auger conveyor→Packing machine→

Dust collector→Sealing machine→Check Weigher


Bulk powder Packing & Batching solution

  • Big Bag Packing System
    This filling and packing production line is independently designed and manufactured by Neil Machinery and is mainly used for sealing and conveying the packaging of materials. The packaging production line is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food-grade mechanical products.
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  • Powder Batching System & Equipment
    The powder batching production line is mainly used for material configuration and storage. It is suitable for the configuration and storage of various powder materials. It can be widely used in various fields such as various grain powders, seasoning powders, chemical powders, decoration materials powders, pigments. Powder, pharmaceutical powder, various feed configurations, etc.
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