Powder Mixing And Bag Filling Packing Line

Powder Mixing And Bag Filling Packing Line

This powder production line is relatively simple in design and is a typical small and medium-sized powder packaging production line. It is suitable for mixing and filling various powder materials and packaging such as coffee, milk powder, protein powder, grain powder, seasoning powder, powder, additive powder. , chemical powder, etc., and will not occupy too much user's workshop.

Working Principle of Powder Production Line

The production process of the powder production line is as follows. The user dumps the material into the silo of the screw feeder, and the material is conveyed to the inside of the double shaft paddle mixer through an auger conveyor. The twin-propeller mixer is also called a non gravity mixer machine, which is suitable for most kinds of powder. The mixing of the powder material is faster and more uniform than that of the single shaft paddle mixer machine. After the material is mixed, the auger conveyor of the bottom enters the storage bin, and the material in the storage bin is conveyed to the inside of the filling machine through the screw. Filling of the material, the packaging bag after filling is completed by the heat sealing machine, and then the weight selection inspection scale will check the weight and then proceed to the next program.

Design Notes of Powder Production Line

The powder production line is presented on the basis of our practical experience. The production line is a very simple type of production line, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, saves manpower, and each equipment that makes up the production line is made of stainless steel. There are stainless steel material types such as 304 and 316 to choose from. Neil Machinery can provide the most suitable production line solution for every customer. The professional design and engineering team will serve you 24 hours a day. If you have the needs or suggestions of similar production lines, please feel free to leave a message or consult us.

Application of Powder Production Line

l Food industry 

l Chemical industry

l Medicinal industry

l Chicken/protein/coffee/milk powder

l Manufacturing plant

l Other industries

Main Equipment of Powder Production Line

Auger conveyor→Double shaft(non-gravity)paddle mixer machine→

Auger conveyor→Storage bin→Auger conveyor→Packing machine→

Dust collector→Sealing machine→Check Weigher

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