Powder Mixing And Bottle Filling System

Powder Mixing And Bottle Filling System

The mixing and filling production line is suitable for filling small containers. The equipment consists of a silo, a vacuum feeder, a ribbon mixer, a tanker, a sterilization conveyor line, and a four-head automatic filling machine. The production line is all the components are made of stainless steel, the user does not have to worry about the problem of hygiene and rust. This equipment is presented to everyone based on our practical experience. The designed products have been processed and delivered to customers.

Product Description of Mixing and Filling Production Line 

Niel Machinery provides this design to the customer for reference. If you need a similar production line, you can contact us at any time. Niel Machinery's design and engineering team will provide equipment and production lines for every customer who needs this kind of solution.

Working Principle of Mixing and Filling Production Line

The production process of the mixing and filling production line is as follows: after the material is manually poured into the silo, the vacuum feeding device sucks the material into the ribbon mixer machine, and the ribbon mixer mixes the material and then tilts the material into the bottom storage material. The warehouse, the second vacuum feeder, draws the mixed materials into the container of the four-head powder filling packing machine.

In this operation process, this part of the tank machine is also started to run at the same time. The small container is automatically combed and sequenced into the sterilization conveyor belt. The conveyor belt takes the small container out of the conveyor belt, and then the four-head filling machine is batch-wise. The small container is filled and then transported to the next step.

Structural Characteristics of Mixing and Filling Production Line 

The structure and design of the mixing and filling production line are relatively simple, easy to install and clean the equipment daily, and are made of all stainless steel materials. The various equipment that makes up the production line is independently designed and produced by Niel Machinery, which is trustworthy.

Application of Mixing and Filling Production Line 

  •  Food industry

  •  Chemical industry

  •  Medicinal industry

  •  Chicken/protein/coffee/milk powder (such protein powder mixer machine)

  •  Manufacturing plant

  •  Other industries


Main Equipment of Mixing and Filling Production Line 

Silo bin→ Vacuum conveyor→Ribbon mixer machine→Bottom silo→

Container carding machine→ Germicidal line→double head capping machine→

vacuum conveyor→Four head filling machine

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