Powder Mixing Production Line

Powder Mixing Production Line

This type of mixing production line solution is suitable for mixing large particles or powders, or a powder with certain viscosity, which can be used for mixing seasonings, grain powders, chemicals, engineering materials, medical powders, etc., suitable for filling machines, packaging machines, powder conveying equipment, Various testing equipment are combined into a production line that is more suitable for customers' needs. The application fields are wide. All the materials are made of stainless steel, and there are 304 and 316 materials or special materials for customers to choose from.

Working Principle of Auto Weighing Mixing Production Line

The specific production process of the mixing production line is as follows: the material packed in the large bag passes through the sterilizing conveyor belt and then enters the next conveyor belt, and the material is manually introduced into the pulling type mixer through the dumping platform, The dust collector next to the guiding platform can absorb the dust falling on the ground at any time, and the user does not have to worry about the ground hygiene problem.  The very efficient pulling type paddle powder processing machine developed by Niel Machinery is suitable for mixing boring or granular powder with poor fluidity. The mixed material enters the silo below the powder mixer. The silo is equipped with an automatic weighing system. After the preset value, the bottom valve will open automatically, and the larger pulling type paddle mixer that is boring into the bottom will be further mixed, and then the material will enter the bottommost silo for the next step.

Structural Characteristics of Auto Weighing Mixing Production Line

The hybrid production line is a two-layer design suitable for composite processing plants. Niel Machinery is committed to designing and manufacturing the most demanding production line solutions for customers. This production line is based on cooperation with customers and actual production. For everyone, if you have the needs of automatic weighing and packing machine, please leave a message or send us a message, Niel Machinery's design and engineering team will provide one-stop service for customers.

Application of Auto Weighing Mixing Production Line

  • Food industry

  • Chemical industry (e.g. Cosmetic Powder Handling System)

  • Medicinal industry

  • Mining industry

  • Chicken/protein/coffee/milk powder

  • Manufacturing plant

  • Other industries

Main Equipment of Auto Weighing Mixing Production Line

Conveyor→Bag sterilizing machine→Belt conveyor→ Powder falling table→

Dust collector→Pulling type paddle mixer→ Working platform→Vibrating screen→

Weighing hopper→ Pulling type paddle mixer→Working platform→Storage bin

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