Cabinet Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Cabinet cyclone dust collector
  • Cabinet cyclone dust collector

Description of the dust collector

1. How it works

The wind motor drives the machine to run. During the process of dust collecting, the dust will be adsorbed on the filter element, and the vibration device will shake the adsorbed dust down to the dust collection drawer at the bottom, thereby circulating.

2. About connector

We can provide connector for 2 flexible pipe of diameter150mm per item

3. Is remote control possible?

Among the buttons of the control box, there are remote control and local control buttons. You only need to rotate the buttons to switch. If you switch to the remote control button, the machine will send out an electrical signal. The main control machine will receive the signal and control it. Prepare an English manual, don't worry

4. How to remove the dust from the system

Users can open the case, remove the dust collection drawer, and clean up the dust

This machine does not have a sensor to see issue with filtration, the quality of this machine is very good, as long as the dust is cleaned regularly, this is the core.

If the amount of dust in the workshop is not large, you can clean the dust collection drawer and filter element once every 10 days. If the amount of dust is large, you can clean the dust collection drawer and element once every 7 days.

5. About electric drawing

Electric drawing and 3D drawing need be provided after advance payment received, for company confidential matter.

Main application

1. This type of dust collector is mainly used for dust treatment near the production line equipment, and can also be used alone.

2. Usually the machine will be connected to or placed next to the machine that is prone to dust, the dust generated after the machine is running, the mixer will be collected and processed.

3. This machine is easy to operate, low noise, and the dust removal efficiency can reach 99.9%. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and has a long service life.

Features of the dust collector

1. Exquisite appearance: The whole machine (including the fan) is made of all stainless steel, which is in line with the food-grade working environment.

2. High efficiency: folding micro-scale single-tube filter, can absorb more dust.

3. Strong power: dedicated multi-blade wind wheel design, with a stronger suction capacity

4. Convenient powder cleaning: One-button vibration cleaning mechanism can more effectively remove the powder attached to the filter cartridge, and more effective dust removal

5. Humanization: the addition of a remote control system to facilitate remote control equipment

6. Low noise: special sound insulation cotton, effectively reduce noise

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