Semi Automatic Filling Machine

  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Filling Machine

This type of semi automatic filling machine can complete the measurement, filling and the like, and is suitable for measuring powdery and granular materials with poor flow or fluidity, such as milk powder, protein powder, rice flour, milk tea, solid beverage, coffee powder, white sugar, glucose, food additive, feed, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticides, dyes, flavors and fragrances.

Working Principle of Semi Automatic Filling Machine

This filling machine is a quantitative semi-automatic filling machine. It is mainly used for filling various fine powders and particulate matter. Users need to input the amount of material injected each time in the control panel, and then the system will control the screw injection to reach After the predetermined amount, the screw will automatically stop the injection, the user can store more than ten different formulas and specific gravity in the control panel, which is convenient for the next use, which can greatly save the user's time and install the electronic scale on the machine. The user can weigh the weight of the material after filling to calculate the accuracy. At the same time, this semi-automatic filling machine can be combined with screw feeder, mixer, conveyor belt and other equipment to form the filling production line.

Application of Semi Automatic Filling Machine

  • Milk powder, coffee powder

  • Foodstuff, grain, protein powder

  • Medicinal

  • Chicken powder

  • Cosmetic Pigment

  • Chemical powder and detergent powder. etc

  • Other industries

Main Features of Semi Automatic Filling Machine

  1. All stainless steel structure; combined transparent bin; easy to remove and wash without tools;

  2. servo motor and servo drive control screw;

  3. PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface display, easy to operate;

  4. Designed as a weighing feedback specific gravity tracking type, which overcomes the shortcomings of changes in the weight of the package due to changes in the specific gravity of the material;

  5. Various product adjustment parameter formulas can be stored, used after preparation, and stored up to 10 recipes;

  6. Replace the screw attachment, which can adapt to a variety of materials such as ultra-fine powder to small particles.

Technical Data of Semi Automatic Filling Machine

Technical Data




Packing weight



Packing accuracy



Filling speed

40-120 times/min

40-120 times/min

Power supply

3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz

3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz




Total weight






Container volume

25L(Enlarged size 35L)

50L(Enlarged size 70L)

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