Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

The semi automatic weighing and filling machine is mainly designed for ultra-fine powder and high-precision packaging requirements that are easy to dust. It performs two-speed filling, metering and lifting according to the signal given by the weight sensor mounted under the container. It is suitable for packaging milk powder, additives, Toner, dry powder for fire extinguishers, other ultrafine powders, and powders with high precision packaging requirements.

Working Principle of Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

The semi automatic weighing and filling machine is an automatic weighing type filling machine. After the powder material enters the hopper, it is poured into the packaging bag through the screw. The machine is provided with an automatic bag-holding function, which automatically releases after reaching the standard weight, and the whole machine can be controlled by the touch screen. And can pre-store multiple recipes, convenient and efficient.

Application of Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

  • Milk powder

  • Foodstuff

  • Medicinal

  • Chicken powder

  • Cosmetic Pigment

  • Other industries

Main Features of Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

  1. (1) The pneumatic bagging device and the bracket are mounted on the weight sensor, and the fast and slow filling according to the preset weight, the weighing system with high reaction speed, ensures high packaging precision;

  2. (2) The servo motor drives the tray to lift and lower, and the lifting speed can be set arbitrarily. When filling, basically no dust is raised to pollute the environment;

  3. (3) Servo motor and servo drive control screw, stable performance, high precision

  4. (4) PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface display, easy to operate;

  5. (5) All stainless steel structure, combined or open type bin, easy to clean

  6. (6) The filling head is equipped with a pistol to adjust the height, and it is easy to realize a variety of specifications.

  7. (7) Fixed screw mounting structure, which does not affect the material properties when filling.

  8. (8) Workflow: manual bagging or manual canning → container rise → rapid filling, while the container is lowered → the weight reaches the pre-value → slow filling → the weight reaches the target value → the container is manually taken out;

  9. (9) Pneumatic bagging device and tow tank device are available for selection, and only need to select different devices to meet the filling and bagging requirements.

  10. (10) Two working modes can be switched, quantitative or real-time weighing, quantitative speed is fast, accuracy is slightly worse, real-time weighing type, high precision, slower speed

Technical Data of Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

Technical Data




Packing weight



Packing accuracy


1-20kg,≤±0.1-0.2% ,>20kg≤±0.05-0.1%

Filling speed

5-20 times/min

2-8 times/min

Power supply

3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz

3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz




Total weight






Container volume

70L(Enlarged size 70L)

100L(Enlarged size 100L)

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